Jan 13, 2012

Discussion: How do you wear your hats over your natural coils?

One Saturday morning, co-writer and friend, Toya asked me to come out and go shopping with her. She said she'd be at her destiantion within the hour and wanted  me to meet her there. If anyone knows me well, enough, they now that if it ain't on my iCalender, it ain't happening. However, I wasn't really doing anything and I thought I'd pop out the house for a Saturday afternoon jaunt.

As I was about to tell her I'd meet her, I caught a glance of my hair in the mirror. Wowzers! My 4b curls had shrunken. My bonnet fell off in the middle of the night and my hair was resembling Don King's hair:

This is how Toya and my conversation went:

"Umm, Toya, I can't come out. My hair looks CRAZY!" I told her
Toya responded, "It can't be that bad, just throw a hat on it!"
"Ma'am, a hat will not cover the atrocity on top o' my head. I'm gonna have to take a rain check."
"Girl! I have a hat on and it looks cute. I just pulled the back of my hair up, and I let the bangs hang out the front. I'm wearing a beanie."
I side-eye the phone before responding, "That's not gonna work. I haven't worn a hat since I went natural. I'll just end up looking like Homie the Clown or Re-Run from What's Happening! Uh no, it ain't happening. I'll have to catch up with you later."

It was so sad that I hadn't worn a hat since going natural - and I love hats!

The last time I wore a hat, 2008?

However, I haven't found a look that was cute enough to rock my hair with a hat. My bangs are at a wonky stage where they aren't long enough for my taste. So many other natural hair girls get it right, using the hats for protective styling and giving their hair a rest - but me, not so much. Especially during these winter months, it's so important to add hats to the rotation.

See look at Toya, she gets it:

And look at Nique from All Things O'Natural

This is yet another hurdle in my natural hair journey. Getting used to NOT seeing long straight hair hanging from my beloved berets and fedoras is a silhouette I'm not used to. Appearance is so important to women. When you change your hair, it's inevitable that this change will enhance your wardrobe and accessories.

I don't have any tips or suggestions.  I'm asking you, the readers, how do you rock your hats now that you've gone natural? Do you rock the hats more often or less often? 
Let's discuss!

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