Jan 24, 2012

Candice's Hair Diary: Straight Hair

I posted on facebook last week that I was going to flat iron my hair for the first time in 2.5 years. Well... I did it. And right on cue, the rain began. But I can still share with you what's happened so far.

I bought a basic pair of flat irons from WalMart. They were nothing special. Revlon tourmaline flat irons. And I armed myself with these tools.

I was rocking a blowout. I sectioned my hair into top and bottom halves so that it was easier to manage. I very lightly spritzed any dry area with water, then sealed with hot six oil. My ends are fragile from the disaster, so when I do wear a blowout, they tend to get tangled. I gently detangled my hair with the denman brush, and smoothed frizzed hair with the round brush. I took small sections of hair and applied Paul Mitchell smoothing serum to prevent heat damage. I secured flat ironed hair with an elastic band to avoid overlapping hair.

The flat iron has a turn dial setting that goes up to 30. For styling, I kept the dial somewhere between 15 and 20. After 1.5 hours.... I got this

My hair does NOT like to be wrapped. But I can't keep the same hairstyle for too long... even when it's straight. So below are pictures of a few styles I tried on my flat ironed hair. Spoiler: Not all of the styles were successful.

It rained on DAY ONE! Hence, the side eye.
I tried bantu knots. Unfortunately, I have SO many different textures. One side cooperated, and the other side refused. But the cooperative hair was mighty pretty.

Gotta love accessories.

Excuse the flyaways. But I got this style from WhoisSugar on youtube. If you're not into her channel, get into it. I just tucked my twists in instead of letting them hang because my twists just reach my shoulders. Hers is Pocahantas. Mine is more The Color Purple. But I'm okay with that. I liked the style.

This is not just with straight hair. I love switching my styles up. But this week has been more full of fails than usual. I'm not used to straight hair anymore. I'm having fun, even with all the rain and the fails. Ciao, naturals.

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