Jan 12, 2012

Candice's Hair Diary: A Product Junkie with morals

I’m a snooty, moral product junky. Yes. When it comes to my hair products, I have values.

I refuse to buy certain products if the makers of those products have shown poor ethics for things that I care for. For instance: There’s a well-known company whose product made my twist-out look extra fly. I bought the $10 sample size. Before I could get back to the store to purchase their over-priced full size product, I went to their website. The only product advertised for kinky hair on their site was for a “Silkener” (a.k.a. texturizer a.k.a. low-fat relaxer, a.k.a. creamy crack LITE).

I have some 3c, 4b, 4a, and 3a hair. My 4b patch was totally disrespected. You mean, of all the products you have, of all the before and after shots, the only thing on the whole site that you recommend for kinky hair is a chemical process? I can’t, in good conscience, purchase this product. *scratches product off of my approved products list*

June 2010

There was another product from a different company that I fell in love with, but they tweeted that their product was #teamlightskin. Now, I’m a brown girl. Not really light, not really dark, I tan well in the summer. I was already skeptical of the product because of the company name. Looking at the name on the label, I figured they didn't want or care if I used their product. Factor in their insensitive tweet, and it made me feel as though they really weren’t in the market for ‘my kind of natural’. So I decided that I cannot, in good conscience, purchase this product. *scratches product off of my approved products list*

But here’s the problem. I’m still looking for my next staple deep conditioner. I was in the beauty supply store when I noticed that the #teamlightskin deep conditioner on the shelf. And it was $5 cheaper than I remember. I got so angry at them for the stupid tweet. I angrily snatched a jar of conditioner and bought it. It’s actually in my hair as I’m blogging.

I feel guilty, but I also feel like I got that old flame back. I have no idea how to deal with this. I certainly don’t want to keep angrily buying this stuff. I either have to let go of my grudge, or let go of the product. Usually I end these with a style plan or a lesson learned, but I STILL don’t know which one I should relinquish. I have no idea where to draw the line between sticking to my guns and caring for my tresses. Feel free to leave a comment and weigh in.
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