Dec 1, 2011

SHOPPING: Jewel Afrika Designs Earrings

Do we not LOVE LOVE LOVE these earrings?!

Being African, my dad is from Sierra Leone, I often find myself explaining my heritage. During these explanations I often see how far black culture has come, but also how far we have to go. You cannot imagine the things people say when I tell them I'm African! Of course they look at my hair in an effort to define my kink/coils often giving themselves props for being so 'far removed' from the continent. I'm not saying all natural hair wearers have to claim or disclaim their black/African status - but if you are proud, like myself, you should show it.

Anyway, I've gone too far. We'll save this essay for another day. These earrings are the bomb. I'm loving the wood texture and the cool saying. And I love that they are made by an independent designer. If you are looking for a gift for a naturalista in your life - theses earrings may make her day.

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