Dec 2, 2011

Roots 'n Rhythm: RES - "They Say Vision"

In 2001, I fell in love with Res' kinky twists and cool vocals. Her video, "They Say Vision" led me to buy her album How I Do. How I Do (released in 2001), continues to be one of my favorite projects. The album is filled with lots of guitar and stirring lyrics showcased Res' lovely yet gravel tinged vocals. My opinion, Res is one of the most underated black rock-stars of recent years. 

The cocoa beauty with rock-star abs and appeal was falsely lumped in the catagory of Neo-Soul singers. People who loved Neo-Soul weren't ready, and Res' album settled to the bottom of the charts. However, she released the video "They Say Vision" which caught the ear of many and became one of Res' standout hits.

Now, Res and longtime friend/collaborator, Talib Kweli joined forces to create a hip-hop/electro group called Idle Warship. The group has new album, Habits of the Heart, and continues to tour overseas.

Follow Res on Twitter: @Res or @IdleWarship

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