Dec 19, 2011

MELISSA'S HAIR: My holiday hair is STRAIGHT!

First day
HOLA, HOLA, HOLA! It's been about 2 weeks since my last hair diary post. I've been working hard on our 12 Days of Christmas giveaways, but I had to let you know about my holiday hair. Do you see, do you see? I straightened it!! I KNOW, right!

This is the first time I've straightened my hair since I stopped using relaxers. I was kind of scared to flat-iron my hair, because I didn't want to damage all the progress I've made this year. However, I wanted to do something different for the holiday season. My finances weren't quite straight enough to get a sew-in weave, so straightening my hair was my next option.

First up, I needed to buy a flat iron. I haven't owned a flat iron since before my transition. I went to several professional hair stores to buy a flat-iron, but stumbled upon this Cortex Duo Flat-iron set at TJ Maxx for only $35! This flat-iron is listed for $54 on and retails for almost $300 dollars from the manufacturer. Needless to say, this was a good deal. The Cortex Duo is a platinum flat-iron with 100% ceramic plates infused with ionic technology.  CLICK here for more info on choosing the right flat-iron.

At my friend's work party
 THE PROCESS: So, I washed and conditioned my hair with a new product from Kynx Haircare. I deep conditioned my hair with nuNAAT Karite Special hair mask for added moisture. When you are prepping your hair for heat styling, make sure to seal in as much moisture as possible.

Next, I dried my hair with a blow dryer, using  nuNAAT Karite Special Anti-Frizz thermal active blow dying cream. After blow drying, I started the flat-iron process. I sectioned my hair in 4 quadrants, spraying each section with Garnier Fructis Heat Protectant. Clearly, the word for the day is PROTECTION!

After my hair was completely straightened, it gave me a chance to clip my ends. I was surprised that I didn't have to clip too much off. Although, the left side of my hair has an interesting growth process going on - it's shorter than the right side. So, I had to create some slight layers to give my hair a little body. I finished the straitening process by sealing my ends with coconut oil. The coconut oil added shine without the greasy heavy feeling.

Fourth day, for church
 Remarkably, my hair has stayed straight for the last four days. Each night I wrap it with a satin scarf and touch it up with the flat-iron in the morning. I've found, using a little bit of hair spray keeps stray hairs in their place. The difference with my straight natural hair vs. my relaxed hair is that my hair has so much body! Also, I love the fact that I can go back to the super fro whenever I want. Straightening my hair has allowed me to see the length as well as the health of my hair. This lets me know I'm on the right track.

What's your holiday hair looking like?
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