Jan 21, 2012

Discussion: Getting To Know Your Face

"Going natural looks good on you, but it wouldn't look right on me."

I hear this way too often. So I've been thinking, and I have a theory. I don't think it's only the hair that makes natural hair 'not look right'. I think we are so used to hiding our faces behind long hair that the thought of our face not partially hidden under a cloak of hair is a bit unnerving.

Have you taken a minute to look at your face? I mean.. REALLY look at your face? What's so scary about a face your face that you can't imagine wearing your hair curly? It's okay. I had to get acquainted with my own face. I also gathered some naturals at different stages in the journey to share their feelings about their faces after going natural.

So... here's me before going natural.

My hair was almost always at least shoulder length. I was well aware of my forehead. And my whole head. It's big. I cut my hair (first picture), but still kept my forehead covered. It was like second nature. I was self conscious. That's why I transitioned for a year instead of doing the big chop.


 HELLO FOREHEAD! My high cheeks looked higer. And my nose and lips looked say more.... "ethnic" to me once I saw my face without hair. And it took a while, but now I'm fine with that. Also... I learned that a round face was MUCH more noticeable sans a side swoop. You can look at my pictures and tell when I was heavier. 



Shana has worn short hair for years: long before her big chop in November. She was self-conscious of the shape of her head before going natural. But she decided that natural was the way to go.

After going natural, Shana has more of an appreciation for her natural features. The biggest change for her was a "natural state of mind".  She considers going natural the best decision she's made regarding her appearance, and is really happy to start her hair journey.
This was Sade with a relaxer. I love her pretty hair. The jury is still out on what Sade noticed about her own face. So I'll tell you what I noticed. She's 'girl next door' cute.

Her face stands out SO much more. She's a doll, and much prettier. THe shape of her eyes stand out so much more. She doesn't look different. It's just that everything is... "er". Her smile is smiley-er. Eyes are pretty-er. She looks the same. Except the face in THIS photo would shand out much more in a crowd.
I know we all have insecurities. But if you're afraid that your natural hair won't "look right" because of your facial features, RELAX! There are unique things about all of us. But these differences make us unique. Never be afraid to flaunt your natural beauty. Your face was made to "look right". You never know what you might find underneath your side swoop/bangs/face framing hair.
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