Dec 2, 2011

HAIR LUST: Erykah and Q-Tip, Too Sexy

*kneels down to pray* Dear Jesus, when you bless my afro to be as big as Erykah Badu's wig, will you also bless me to find a husband who looks as sexy as Q-tip looks so that we may copy this picture exactly? Amen! (LOL)

Really tho, how fly is this picture!? This is a from Trace Magazine (Art Issue 81, April 2008) - and I love it. I love when Erykah wears her afro wig. I think I love it because, she just doesn't care. She knows we know it's a wig, but she also knows we know that she knows she fly! And I can't even talk about Q-tip's sex appeal . . .  I'm done!

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