Dec 12, 2011

Candice's Hair: Making your twist-outs last longer

Do you remember my reluctance to take my mini-twists down, and then my infatuation with the resulting twist out? (If you have forgotten, catch up here.)

Well, I only planned to get an extra week of care-free hair, but the semester is winding down and I'm preparing for finals. I didn't wash my hair over the weekend. I need this hair to last all week. As awesome as my twist out from my mini-twists was, it has already been a week. I am bored. And pressed for time. And STILL need this hair to last to last all week. So... here's how I made my boring, week-old twistout last for another week.

Monday. Puff. Yawn.

Tuesday. Small pompadour with a large hair comb, and a
few bobby pins to tame the sides.
Wednesday. Low bun covered accessorized by a rose.
HA! Excuse the face. I was trying to make sure the back was visible. Actually, this style is a redo.
My original style was sabatoged by the rain and didn't make it through the day.

Thursday. Here was the last day. Flat twists in the front.
It kind of makes my hair look like a crown. I like.
Underneath it all, however, was a mess!!! I know when enough is enough. I washed it Thursday night. I repeat, a matted, tangled mess. I know I wrote about being lazy and having to pay for it later. I paid for my laziness. Paid in full. I'll post about that soon. :-/

After finals hopefully I'll get to try some great styles I've been seeing online.
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