Dec 1, 2011

Candice's Hair Diary: Reunited

Over the holiday break, I came to my senses… but not by choice. By the time I posted my declaration to hold on to my mini-twists, everything changed. What do you get when you mix a five day weekend, a fender bender, a vicious cold, and mini-twists? You get this:

I’m REALLY happy with my twist out. Therefore, it shall remain in place for at least a week while I remember how to do my hair. After that I’m going to deep condition and use some of my homemade gel to get reacquainted with my coils. I really didn’t want to let go of my mini twists, but I was in the house for so long, it would be foolish NOT to take my twists down. (I had nothing else to do.) I still miss my twists terribly am happy to have my hair back. It looks like it’s grown a bit.

Also, I was not going to mention this, but there’s another reason that I’m happy I took my hair down when I did. It had started to get matted and tangled. I found a few trouble spots, but this was ONLY on my edges, so I can understand why so many say mini-twists can be dangerous, and can cause ‘Noedgesatall Syndrome’. The hairs on my edges are not as thick as my other hairs are. Also, I wear scarves and hoodies, so I should probably be more aware of the fabrics I put on my hair. Friction and lint can cause knots and tangles. Looks like I took my twists down in the nick of time. I am going to do better about protecting my edges, while I still have edges to protect.
Every knot and tangle above came from my edges.
(4 or 5 more not pictured)

When you wear protective styles for a while, do you hear “Reunited” playing in the background when you see your natural hair again? How long does it take for hair separation anxiety to kick in?
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