Dec 23, 2011

Candice's Hair Diary: Blow Out.

For the first time, I can easily see how naturals can become addicted to the blow dryer and end up doing heat damage. I've only tried to rock a blow out once, and I hated it. My hair grows really densely and kept getting tangled and it sucked.

Oh but I randomly decided to do a blow out last week and guess what? I still found knots from my mini twists. But I went through it again and that's definitely the last of that nonsense. In my defense, until you have to manage this stuff, you have no idea how much hair I have. Things can (and have) get lost in there. And different sides have to be styled differently. And yes, I still plan on doing more mini twists in January. But I digress.

I went from being stereotypically called Jill Scott to being called Chaka Khan with my hair like this. But I loved it, since my hair goal is to have super huge, obnoxiously big hair. I am not saying I can manage to keep up with waist length hair. But I want to be able to rock a humongous afro of my own hairI'm not there yet, but I love seeing the growth that I'm seeing.** Not to mention big hair keeps me warm in the winter. Definite plus.

I thought about an attempt at flat ironing my hair straight. I've never done it on my own. But I feel like it's possible now. It's on my to do list.

 *Note to self, maybe it will be wise to do a formal introduction to my hair, and all 45 different curl types located on one head.
**Another note to self, it's probably not so useful to state hair growth goals without doing a length check to keep up with your progress.
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