Nov 14, 2011

Toya's Hair Diary: Bad Habits

I have a confession to make: I am the worst when it comes to wrapping my hair at night.  I mean, it just doesn't happen.  To make matters worse, I sometimes sleep on my back on a knit afghan my grandmother made me.  I don't doubt that is the reason why parts of the back of my hair feel like dry pieces of cotton at times.  This is why deep conditioning is imperative. And about that: yeah, I haven't been as consistent about that as I should either. I know, I know.

I think there is a misconception that taking care of natural hair is easy.  Now I will say that there are aspects of the natural hair lifestyle that can make things much easier, especially on your wallet. But even with that how many of us have become product junkies because your hair decided to flip the script and rebel against a product you've been using for months?  You have to consistently be knowledgeable about what your hair needs.  With the colder months ahead of us, some of us will have to change our regimen soon...again!  Natural hair is work!

But back to the simple task of wrapping my hair.  I have a little satin bonnet that gets lost amongst my numerous blankets that I sleep in so there is no telling where that sucker is.  I've been rocking this hairstyle lately: rolled up the back with the front teased out:

You'd think I'd at least be good at tying it up at night but when sleepy time hits, I totally forget about it.  I have considered trying to strike a pose like Ice Cube's sister played by Regina King in Friday:

When my hair was relaxed, I had this pose down to a science!  I realize that all of this could be solved by simply buying a satin pillowcase and that would be easy enough...if I could find my pillow. Again, I sleep with a gang of blankets. No telling where my pillow is. Perhaps on top of my satin bonnet? Who knows?

Are there any bad habits you need to break when it comes to your hair?
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