Nov 14, 2011

Roots 'n Rhythm: "Nuttin' But Love" Heavy D & The Boyz

The music industry and fans alike have been mourning the loss of Dwight "Heavy D" Myers since he passed away far too soon at the age of 44 last week. I was crazy about Heavy D growing up and with good reason:  his songs had a little something for everybody, especially the ladies.  They sound just as good today as when they came out over twenty years ago.  And the videos?  Who can forget "Nuttin' But Love"?

Many of Heavy D's videos showcased a variety of women including lots of natural beauties from songs like "Nuttin But Love" to "Is It Good to You" and "Big Daddy".  He showed his love for women by singing romantic songs that were very respectful towards us and for that alone he will always stand out far above the rest.  The Overweight Lover Heavy D will be greatly missed. 
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