Nov 1, 2011

Product Review: Nature's Blessings Hair Pomade

I discovered Nature's Blessings Hair Pomade back in 1999 when I was rocking my microwave ponytail and bangs swooped to the side (a la Aaliyah). Don't laugh, we all had our random hair mistakes. Anyway, using all that hairspray, gel, and whatever else I used, left my hair extra dry with lots of breakage. A friend of mine was attending school in DC, rooming with a girl from Brooklyn, whose mother was natural back when being natural wasn't fly. Her mother swore by this stuff and sent jars of it to her daughter in DC.

Upon my visit home, I saw my friend using this. I noted that her jet-black wrap was so shiny and nice, she attributed the shine to Nature's Blessings. She gave me a jar to take home. I started using it immediately and noticed excellent results. Before this time, I knew nothing of sealing in the moisture, but using this pomade helped my hair stay moisturized, even though I was destroying it with heat, relaxers, and the like.

Fast forward to the new Melissa, rocking the 4b afro puff. I'm a fan of coconut oil, olive oil, and Shea butter, to seal my hair, but as the seasons change, a bit of a heavier product is needed to seal the moisture in my extra coily hair. Don't let the smooth taste fool ya, this stuff is grease - good ol' fashioned grease. The kind of stuff your mom used to use when she straightened you hair on Sunday morning. But, it does have some good stuff in it as well - check it:

Nettle,Rosemary,Sage,Peppermint, Thyme, Alfalfa, Pure Virgin Olive Oil, Pure Coconut Oil, Sage Oil, Rosemary Oil, Bergamont Oil, Chlorophyll (from nettle and spinach), Pure Mineral Jelly, Natural Fragrance and Good Intention
There's alot of controversy about the usage of mineral oil (aka Mineral Jelly) on natural hair. Recently, natural hair blogger fave, Curly Nikki, wrote about using old school DAX on her hair - and she liked it! My view, to each his own - find out what works for you and keep it rocking with it. Just know, this winter, your girl Melissa, will be sealing her hair and greasing her scalp with Nature's Blessing Hair Pomade.

  • Great for sealing moisture on coily hair
  • Great smell
  • Great value because a little goes along way

  • Does include mineral oil
  • Can be heavy/greasy on less coily hair textures
  • Hard to find in the city, must be ordered online

Retail Price: $7.24, order online at

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