Nov 14, 2011

MELISSA'S HAIR: My love/hate relationship with my blow-dryer

Ya'll know my only dream in life is to have a super huge fro! Now that my hair is longer, I get closer to my super fro dream. However, with my hair's desperate shrinkage situation, I rarely get to see my hair at it's ultimate length. So sometimes I blow dry my hair to stretch my curls.

Actually, since I removed my braids, I've only used the blow-dryer on my hair two times. Seen above, I had to blow dry my hair because decided to wash/condition my hair too late. I knew I'd wake up with wet hair, so I blew it out before going to bed. When I woke up, I had the best hair ever! It was so fluffy and so stretched and so big! But it was kinda dry - GASP! I fight with making sure my hair is moisturized so blow-drying my hair is counter-productive.

But I hate it, because I can never see my true length. In addition, studies show that blow drying you hair too often leads to breakage and extreme dryness. You can't retain length if your hair sustains constant breakage. Welp, that means no blow-drying for me.

And you know what, some of my favorite natural hair bloggers, rarely allow heat to touch their hair (K Curly from Newly Natural, Fran from HeyFranHey, and KurlyBella from KisforKinky) and they have tremendous growth of their tresses. So, even though, I love to stretch my hair with heat, I'd hate to lose my length. This is truly a love/hate relationship.

So what do I do to stretch my hair without heat? Braid-outs, twist-outs, and banding help me show the length of my hair. Other than that, I've decided to blow dry my hair quarterly, just to see the true-length. Being patient with the process is going to help me get a true super fro - even if I do have 75% shrinkage.

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