Nov 29, 2011

DISCUSSION: Can You Stand The Rain?

It’s been SO rainy outside in Nashville and the surrounding areas.

This can be a task when it comes to hairstyles. Naturally curly hair absorbs the water from the air in humid conditions. If your curly hair is dry and/or damaged, it is much more prone to absorbing water in the atmosphere. When water is from the air, the hair swells unevenly, and appears frizzy. Although it is not the only cause of fuzzy follicles, this leads to frizz. Here are a few ways frizz can be reduced:

Protein treatments can add strength and structure to the hair shaft by filling in openings and not allowing water to penetrate as deeply.

Humectants can be used to absorb water in the atmosphere BEFORE your hair has a chance to absorb it. Although it’s not recommended to use where there is an extremely high level of humidity (It can absorb enough water to create a film on the hair.), when used lightly, it can prevent frizz. One of the most common humectants is glycerin.

Styles can be the key to keep the frizz at bay, OR to make them not matter anymore. Sometimes frizz can be a good thing. Some prefer my twistout on day 2 or 3 when it is not so defined, or on a rainy day, a twistout can swell up nice and large. However, in an office or more formal setting, frizz and big hair may not be the best option.

Do you have a go-to style that works for you on rainy days? What’s your favorite product or treatment to fight frizz?
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