Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Candice's Hair Diary: Goodbye Twists

Mini twists on Day 1
I have fallen in love with my mini-twists. I first tried this style was back in April 2011. My twists looked good for about a week, and then they looked full of struggle. I put in 6.5 hours of twisting and they lasted less than 2.5 weeks. My scalp was itching. My twists were stiff and dirty and wouldn’t cooperate. I wanted the style to last but I HAPPILY threw in the towel. They looked a mess.

My current set of twists went up in late October. I was determined to make these last and I googled methods of maintaining mini-twists. I was much more prepared. I’ve had my twists in for over a month now, and I’m still getting compliments. These mini-twists seem to be lasting forever and I have curled, styled, and washed them. They’re still fighting the good fight with me. This time, my problem is that I do NOT want to take them down. They still look pretty. They have NEVER stopped being convenient, and I’m having fun exploring style options. Plus, it took closer to 8 hours to do my twists this time, and I feel as though I deserve these extra few weeks.
Flexi Rod Set on mini-twists. Day 25ish.
However, I know the consequences of leaving these twists in too long. I have 4a/4b hair (and some 4c, and some 3c, but that’s for another time) and I know enough to know that my hair will soon start to curl around itself in the twists and I’ll start to have tangles and my twists will start to loc. No bueno. I also don’t want to spend 4 hours trying to take these twists down because they are tangled.
My initial untwisting date was November  19th. Today is November 22, 2011. Maybe I have to learn to think long-term when it comes to my hair. An extra 3 weeks could possibly cause enough breakage to set me back 2 months.  I guess I should put my foot down with myself. I’m going to kiss my mini twists goodbye….... before New Year’s Eve.


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