Oct 24, 2011

Melissa's Hair Diary: My AWESOME fro and hair goals

I've seen lots of natural bloggers who say it's good to set hair goals. I scoffed at them. I thought, "Ain't nobody gonna put no boundaries on what my hair can/will do." But . . . I kinda always had some things I wanted my hair to do. I always wanted wear my hair fro'd out.

So, one night, I was tired, and I didn't feel like twisting my hair so I put it in two pony-puffs, slapped on my satin cap, and went to bed. When I woke up, my hair was surprisingly stretched. Ohh. At that moment I realized, my hair is kinda long. I took out my three pronged comb and continued to separate my hair until this wonderful afro formed. My bangs moved in the wind, my ear were covered with lucious coils, and my hair was surprisingly round.

Like yo, I finally had an AFRO! I never knew I wanted a fro, but I have one, and I love it! This is exactly what happened when I went to work:

Everyone loved my awesome fro and I realized - I have secret hair goals! These goals started when I stopped wanting my hair to look like Tracee Ellis-Ross, I found some ladies whose hair I wanted. Now that I have my aweseome fro, my ultimate goal is Leela James:
 Look at that blow-out! YES! So fly! So huge, so much hair! 

So, like yeah, I have hair goals, and it keeps me on track, and not like, wanting, to cut my hair. My fro is nice and it's growing bigger. One day, I'll have my Leela James fro and I'll be blogging about that!
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