Oct 3, 2011

Ever tried Whole Body Nashville for natural hair supplies?

On my way to Whole Foods, I decided to visit Whole Body. If you are not familiar, Whole Body is the 'drug store' portion of Whole Foods Market. The store is dedicated to giving shoppers "Premium Nutritional Supplements and Body Care Products" (source).

Usually, I get my natural vitamins, supplements, and haircare products from Amazon.com. But it's quite nice drive to Whole Foods/Body to get a product I immediately need. It was nice to know that they sell Rose Water as well as a huge selection of essential oils (great for mixing in Shea butter and coconut oil). Oh yeah, they have a great selection of LOCAL bath and body care products. Created by Nashville residents using local or regional supplies. That's a great way to give back to the community.

So far, I was highly pleased with Whole Body. I almost kicked myself as I wondered what took me so long to visit this spot. Then, I walked to the haircare section, not really thinking they'd have supplies for Natural, African American hair care. Well, call me surprised, I came across this section (below):

Although, not as big as the selection at Target, Whole Body has a couple brands that are usually found online: Jane Carter Solutions, Kinky Kurly Hair products, Queen Helene products, and a couple more I hadn't heard of but definitely would like to try. I was amazed.

So, take a trip to Whole Body in Green Hills. It's a great spot to get all your supplies in one place.
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