Oct 6, 2011

DISCUSSION: My partner prefers straight hair!

QUESTION: If your partner preferred straight hair, would you change your routine?

A couple days ago a fellow natural-haird friend text me a picture of her new haircut. I knew she was going to the salon to for her six week deep condition and trim. On this visit she also decided to get her hair flat-ironed just to do a length check and even out her ends.

Later I asked if she liked her straight 'do or if she preferred her curly fro? She said she loved rocking her fro, but her boyfriend liked her hair straight. She went on to tell me the story of when she walked into the house (after her salon visit) and her boyfriend exclaimed how much he "loved" her hair and told her "preferred" her new straight do.

I reminded her that when they started dating, she had a curly/kinky fro and wore it for much of their relationship. She agreed and said that he always mentioned how he'd like to see her hair straight and he never really preferred afros on any girl. This had been the first time he saw her hair straight.

Currently, I'm not in a full time relationship, but this situation left me thinking, "What if I started dating someone and he preferred for me to wear my hair straight? How would I feel? Would my love/like for this person make me change my current haircare routine?"

Lot's of people have hair preferences for their mates but most make an exception for the relationship. With the natural hair movement going strong, how many mates really prefer straight hair?

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