Sep 9, 2011

Roots 'n Rhythm: "Natural" by Arrested Development

I remember working at Contempo Casuals when I was 19 (yeah I just dated myself). I was really frustrated. After just one year of going away to college, I told my parents that I was coming back home because I couldn't take being away and being expected to focus well enough to get good grades. I came back home, held down a a few jobs, and went to community college. I was STRESSED. Anyway, things were changing. I was changing. I knew there was something that I was trying to be but I couldn't figure out what it was. Turns out that all I was trying to be was myself.

I remember being on break on a day when a new clothing shipment came in. As I was in the dressing room trying on clothes that my next paycheck was going to be spent on, the song "Natural" by Arrested Development started playing in the store. It was on our in-store rotation for quite some time and haunted me day after day because I so badly wanted to go natural. I sang along with the song while I was changing and the words started to finally hit me. What if I just went natural? What if I started over? What if I just cut all my hair off, wore little makeup and cared less about what people thought of me? What if I gave myself permission to have a clean slate? The intent wasn't necessarily to stay natural but to at least start over and build up to what I wanted to be. So later on that evening, unbeknownst to even my closest friends, I went home and cut my hair completely off. I am no beautician so please know that initially it looked a mess! I didn't care. I had never been so relieved and felt so free in my entire life. Everyone hated it but I loved it. I loved having a new beginning and finally, I loved me.

Here's to finding and loving your natural self. Happy Friday!
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