Sep 19, 2011

Toya's Hair Journal- I Need Thee, Coconut Oil, Oh I Need Thee

I'm already aware that in writing for this new blog that I am going to need to deviate from the products I regularly use to do product reviews.  I welcome that.  I love new things!  However,  there's something to be said about forgoing certain steps in your routine because of lack of time and laziness.  This is what happened when I tried to get away with not using coconut oil as well as not detangling last week on The Big Day.

The Big Day is what I have dubbed the day where naturals really do the whole shabang. For some this consist of Pre-pooing, Shampooing, Deep Conditioning, Conditioning, and then styling whether that be flat twisting, two strand twisting, etc. It's a big time consuming deal and you may want to have some movies lined up on Netflix to get through it.  Nonetheless, it's an essential time to pamper your hair and yourself for that matter.  Well last week I was in a rush and didn't feel like taking the 30 seconds it would have taken for me to go downstairs and get my coconut oil out of the cabinet to coat my hair before detangling.  Oh and let me also mention that I didn't really even detangle.  I called myself using a little extra of Shea Moisture's Curl Milk and raking through with my fingers a few times, detangling.  Skipping my essential oil to coat my hair before adding product AND failing to detangle is a huge no no for hair as thick as mine.  My hair woke up THIRSTY!  I could almost hear it coughing as I raised my hair off the pillow.  Whatever regimen you follow to make sure your hair stays adequately moisturized, stick to it.  There's nothing wrong with trying out different products, oils, recipes and things.  Just be sure to give your hair what it needs.
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