Sep 16, 2011

Roots 'n Rhythm: Zhane's "Hey Mr. DJ"

I remember when Zhane' came out in the nineties. They added even more diversity at a time when we were rocking everything from bi-level haircuts, and blonde extension pigtails, to what I like to call the "Halle Berry do" that Rihanna brought back a few years ago. With Jean Norris' close shaven haircut and Renee Neufville's short finger waved style, they helped usher in a new natural standard of beauty.

 I remember being at a party after my first time going natural and a guy who had never ever in all my days given me any shine whatsoever, walked up to me and said "You got that Zhane' thing going on. I like that." and proceeded to talk my ear off until a fight broke up the party. Aah college days!

It's almost like groups like Zhane' and 4 Real made it acceptable to not just be natural but to be short and natural- a relief to future Big Choppers everywhere. Hope you have fun rocking out to these beautiful ladies today. Happy Friday!
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