Sep 22, 2011

Natural News: TSA Searches Big Hair for Explosives

A lot of us will admit that the TSA has been a little extreme with the pat down searches lately but this takes the cake. Isis Brantley, Dallas hairdresser to Erykah Badu, was practically chased down recently by Atlanta's TSA to search her sizable coiffure for explosives. According to the TSA she left the security checkpoint before being thoroughly searched but Brantley claims that is untrue. She makes an arguably valid point when she asks if Dolly Parton or Cher ever had their searched. The reporter even questions if The Jersey Shore's Snooki ever had her checked by the TSA.

Question: Is anyone else a little taken aback that they referenced the movie Undercover Brother for this story or is it just me?

Anyway, the TSA issued a statement saying that they offered Brantley a private screening. Now while this may have cut down on the public humiliation she says she experienced, she would've felt humiliated and violated nonetheless. What do you all think? Was the TSA being fair with their precautionary search?
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