Sep 16, 2011

Natural Leader: Model, Sabrina, shares her hair story

Yay!! This is our first Hair-Story! And guess what, it's from the lady that graces the top of our website. I'm sure you've wondered, "Who is that girl with the gorgeous afro?" Well it's my friend, and model, Sabrina. Below she shares her hair-story - from a bad glue-in weave to a glorious head of curls - read about her journey!

Flat-ironed hair for a photoshoot
Tell Us About Yourself (Age, Career, Where you're from, what brought you to Nashville?) -I'm 26, I'm a Music Business student/teacher/commercial model, I'm from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and I moved to Nashville to get a head start working in the music industry. 

Sabrina sporting her relaxer
Let's get into it - Why did you choose to stop relaxing your hair? -I chose to stop relaxing my hair because I was wearing alot of weaves because of modeling. I figured, there was no point in relaxing hair that no one could see anyway. I started transitioning in December 2009. This was not by choice. I left a "quick weave" in too long and the glue was stuck to my hair. So I took I cut it all off, freaked out, and went back to weaves until I felt comfortable wearing my natural hair out. Finally by August 2010, I was ready. 

How did your family and friends react to your choice? - Most of my friends didn't think I'd go through with it. They seemed to like my natural hair after a while though. My family loved my curls, but didn't think it "worked" for family functions. Basically they thought it was cute, but not pretty. 

Did you do a big chop or did you transition? - I transitioned for a few months, and then I ended up doing the big chop earlier than I wanted to, as I explained earlier.

After her big chop!
What is your current haircare routine? - I've had a relaxer ever since I was 5 years old. I only knew how to take care of my relaxed hair. So after reading all of the natural hair blogs, and watching all of the youtube videos, I decided that I didn't need to spend a lot of money on hair products. I do the same routine I used to do when my hair was relaxed. I wash it with shampoo, condition it, moisturize it, braid it, unbraid it, and wear it out. I don't wash my hair often. I wash it about twice a month. My hair behaves best when it's "dirty" so I don't feel the need to wash it all the time.

Pictured with Eric Roberson in February 2011
List some of your favorite products? I like olive oil hair moisturizer. I use it everyday. I can't live without hair gel. I like the Apro Pro Styl hair gel the best. It keeps my edges super smooth. I use a variety of different shampoo's and conditioners. I never had a favorite when I was relaxed, and I still don't. I'm the anti product junky. (lol) 

So, what is your ultimate goal: Length or Curl Definition? Both. - My hair is mostly 3c with a little 4 thrown in the middle. The longer my hair gets, the more the curls stretch. I let the curls do what they want...I'll be satisfied when my hair touches my shoulders. It's growing so fast! My guess is by next year this time, my hair will be huge!

What do you LOVE about your curls? What do you wish you could change? - I love my waves. I love I can put a little gel and conditioner in my hair and it curls up. I wish I could change the shrinkage issue! I'm not confident wearing my hair out of it's secure poof because I hate the way it looks all shrunken up. I look like Al Sharpton.

Summer 2011
Do you have an hair idol, any celebs or bloggers you follow? I love the Newly Natural lady! I want my hair to look like hers one day. I love Solange's hair. Watching her hair grow has been fascinating! 

What would you like to tell someone who's struggling on their natural journey? - I would tell them to be themselves. I was very insecure about what people would think about me. I'm a Florida girl, I love weaves, and shorts, and tank tops. I was afraid that my style would have to change with my hair. I thought I'd have to turn into a Bohemien, India Arie, Erykah Badu kinda girl. I realized, I'm not a hippie. I'm not Bohemian or Afro Centric by nature. I'm a classic girl. The only thing that changed was my hair. So be YOU. Wear your hair the way YOU want to wear it. Use the products that work for YOU. Don't try to be something you're not.
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