Sep 20, 2011

Natural in Nashville Hits the African Street Festival

Natural in Nashville hit the annual African Street Festival on Sunday in Hadley Park and we had a blast. It was so wonderful to meet so many of you and see so many diverse expressions of natural hair. I think our favorite part was walking up on someone and saying "Hey we think you look awesome and would love to take a picture of you" and that person looking completely shocked. Telling unsuspecting women that they looked beautiful  was a joy. Whether you feel they you look your best or not, who doesn't love being blindsided by a compliment every once in a while?

Be sure to check out and subscribe to our new Youtube Channel! Natural in Nashville will be out and about capturing local natural lovelies as well as posting videos of product reviews, natural hair stories, and much more. Be sure to keep up with this website to see where we will hit next.
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