Sep 13, 2011

Melissa's Hair Diary: OOH, your hair smells so good!

Hola Ladies and Gents, 
It's your girl Melissa! First up, I want to say how happy I am that you are enjoying this website. Toya and I work hard to provide great articles and visuals for you to enjoy. So far, my favorite part of this website is sharing my hair diary with you. So lets get into it.

From the first moments of going natural I had several fears. On the top of the list was making sure my hair didn't smell all . . . . . I don't know . . . .  natural? Then when I started wearing braids, I realized the braids can get a bit  . . . musty. These type of braids are heavy and the amount of extra hair on my head cause me to sweat. I'm a very organic type of person when it comes to what I put in my hair. I'm always checking ingredient labels, making sure I'm not using too many chemicals. My first hand knowledge of shea butter and black soap didn't give me any confidence that I wouldn't smell like the woods. 

I had a misconception that ALL natural haircare products would make my hair smell like sandalwood, incense, or patchouli -  you know that woods-y, hippie, smell. I wanted to smell like a lady. I wanted my hair to be a reflection of who I am, not what everyone seemed to think going 'natural' was all about. I hadn't realized how great today's natural haircare products would smell. 

So, after alot of research, I came across two items that I could use that mixed well with my love affair with Bath & Body Works and were natural. Essential Orange Oil and Rose water (pictured above). Let me tell you, I love this stuff. it's a great way to make you hair smell good without adding any extra heavy product to it. When I use these products on my hair, I always get compliments about how great my hair smells. 

Rose Water smells just like the title states - a bunch of roses! I love it. The rose oil in rose water helps curls retain their bouncy-ness and helps with frizz. Orange oil smells like a bunch of oranges! I love it. When I'm around kids they love this stuff on me. Orange oil also helps curls retain moisture as well can aid in helping depression (source).

Like I said, this has helped me alot. I have about one more month before I take my braids down, so this is a great way for me to keep them smelling fresh. But when the fro is released - -  watch out! lol

Thanks for reading, 
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