Sep 19, 2011

Melissa's Hair Diary: The End of the Road

Aww man, I can feel it in my scalp - it's time to take my braids out. (insert music from the world's smallest violin playing Boyz II Men 'End of the Road'). I know I shouldn't feel so bad but . . . I do. I get my hair braided often and every time, I fall in total love with the style. Taking my braids out means I go back to this:

Above is the pic I took right before I stepped (no, ran with GLEE) into the braid shop. When I posted the pic on Facebook I stated, "My puff is so big it's getting crushed by the roof of the car." This is not a bad look. But I KNOW the issues I have with my hair: Single strand knots, super dry coils, shrinkage that is beyond controllable, and shedding, so much shedding!

I can't do wash n' go styles (hair shrinks, gets tangled). Forget going to sleep without banding or flat twisting - my big puff mushes into a twa! Oh gosh, forget about going to the gym with the puff - sadness at the thought of it! Ughh, having my hair protected is so much easier! UGHH!

I've had my box braids since July and I've loved every moment. But I have about an inch of new growth that is ready to be tamed. My 4b hair is coiling so much that some braids are starting to loc. So, next week, I'll be removing my braids. You think my hair diaries are fun now - wait to you read my 'woe is me' chronicles.

But hold up, let me pull back. Let's think positive. Since I run this awesome blog, I'm going to work hard to find solutions to the issues stated above. Can you guys walk with me? Encourage me! I know some of you can you sense my frustration. Maybe you've been there too?

Don't think because I run this natural blog it doesn't mean I don't have some shortcomings about how my hair looks. I get frustrated often - I've only been natural 2 years. Sometimes, the box of Motions Relaxer whispers my name in the middle of a heated detangling session! Also, please believe I have an arsenal of half-wigs waiting to be put in rotation -

Let me end this by saying, I love being natural, but sometimes natural hair is like having a newborn baby. You love the baby, but boy do you wish he/she came with an automatic 'Sleep for 8 hours' button. Same thing with my hair - I wish my coils were satin-like curls, I wish my hair didn't get so tangled, I wish it would grow faster, I wish, I wish, I wish. But I have to embrace what I have and learn to work with it. Get ready guys!!
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