Sep 21, 2011

LINK LOVE: Natural Belle discusses the obession with curl definition

This is a great discussion topic among naturals - how to get that perfect curl definition? Blogger, Natural Belle, discussed this topic on her website recently:
 "Is that natural? it seems to me that some women (hear me say some not all!) after going though the effort of shunning relaxing and 'embracing' their natural hair, they still feel as though there natural texture is not good enough." - Are We Slaves to Curl Definition? - August 2011
Do you yearn for your hair to do something it wouldn't normally do? I know I fall into this trap some days. I Why? Well, my hair, while tightly coiled and curly when wet, my hair takes on the look of soft cotton candy when dry - no curls to be seen. It's quite frustrating!

So, are you obsessed with getting those perfect coils? Let me know in the comment section below.
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