Sep 27, 2011

DIY Treatments: Avocado Hair Mask Recipe

If you have been interested in finding some do it yourself natural hair recipes as I have, the process of creating your own treatments can seem a little laborious. Some of the recipes can get a little intricate depending on what kind of oils and ingredients you have access to. I mean, does anyone know where I can find vegetable glycerin? Anyone?! I'm no chemist or anything so in the beginning of my research I was a bit gun shy. However the more recipes I found, the less intimidated I became. There is a wide variety of recipes that require only a few natural ingredients. The treatments provide lots of nutrients for your hair and even better, most of the recipes seem to pretty much be foolproof.

I found this really easy three ingredient hair mask recipe from Youtube user Toliahli's channel.

I look forward to trying it soon as I usually have these ingredients on hand. Honey and olive oil are cabinet staples of mine and who knows? While this is sitting on my hair maybe I will take the rest of the avocado and make myself some delicious guacamole. I'll be sure to report how it goes.

Do you have some at home natural hair recipes that you love? Any that you've been itching to try?
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